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  • Happy Thanksgiving from Arrow Renovation & a Shout Out to Our Friends in Cleveland, MO November 16, 2018
  • Screened Porch in Olathe, KS November 13, 2018
  • Alside Board & Batten installed in Olathe, KS August 7, 2018

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  • Nightmare Neighbor: Disturbing Marijuana
    Question: I live in a high-rise condo I purchased a few years ago. A month after I moved in, I learned why the former owner was eager to sell and took my first (low) offer. The neighbor with whom I share a common wall smokes marijuana. Every time he lights up, he fills my unit […]
  • It’s a Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood
    A new study from Homes.com took a look at the state of homeownership in the LGBTQ community. The “LGBT Real Estate Report 2018-19: A View of LGBT Homeownership Trends and Economic Impact,” shows that, “significantly more LGBT clients are expecting to increase their real estate holdings either by moving into bigger homes or purchasing a […]
  • 5 Overlooked Factors That Can Affect Your Home’s Insurance Rates
    Insurance rates—how are they even calculated? It can be complicated, but it all comes down to an algorithm that takes many variables into account. If keeping your rates as low possible is your number one concern, you need to know about these five factors that can affect your bottom line. 1. The age and condition […]