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Kansas City Real Estate – How to Decode Buyer Feedback

During the process of selling your Kansas City Real Estate you may hear some feedback from buyers who are searching for Kansas City Homes for Sale.

Although most buyers don’t always tend to upset owners with their feedback the reality is that some feedback won’t always sound the best if it’s not first “decoded”.

In this article we will offer you some basic feedback from buyers then decode it so you will know what your response should be if you receive similar feedback.

Feedback 1 – “Your Home Is Too Small”

When a buyer tells you that your Kansas City Home is too small what you should take from this comment is that it’s time to de-clutter your home and then stage it to sell.

As you are staging your home you should remove big or bulky pieces of furniture from your Kansas City Real Estate because large furniture like entertainment centers, sectionals or large dining room tables will always make rooms feel smaller even if you live in a 2,000 square foot home.

Feedback 2 – “We Liked Your Home But, Found another Home”

If a buyer tells you that they liked your home what they are really telling you is that they consider your home to be overpriced.

You may not want to consider changing the price on your home but you should either change the price now or resign yourself to having your home sit idle on the real estate market for a few more weeks as buyers who are searching for Kansas City Homes for Sale pass it up.

Two pricing strategies you should consider for your home are:

  1. Pricing your home at just below market value – This strategy will make buyers feel like they are getting a great deal on your home and it could possibly draw the attention of multiple bidders.
  2. Pricing your home at market value – If you’ve been wondering what your home is really worth this strategy will answer your question and at the very least you will be able to sell your home for market value.
  3. Ask your Realtor® for a comparable analysis – Comparable are one of the keys to finding out what Kansas City Real Estate is really worth because this data is based on homes which have sold in the last three to six months.

Feedback #3 – “We Hate the Carpeting in Your House”

This is an easy fix to make, all you need to do is just rip out the old carpeting and you should consider replacing it will all hardwood flooring since this is what most buyers prefer but, you may want to have carpeting in the bedroom since many buyers like to wake up with carpeting under their feet.

Feedback #4 – “Your Yard Is Too Small”

You won’t be able to change the lot size for your Kansas City Real Estate but you can do more things to make your yard seem “bigger”.

  • Consider removing large children play sets, slides or swings that you may have in the yard.
  • Remove large bushes or trees.

Sell Your Kansas City Real Estate

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