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Kansas City Real Estate – 4 Things Sellers Don’t Want To Do When Selling Their Homes

By Arrow Realty, LLC

So you’re thinking about selling your Kansas City Real Estate and are excited about moving onto your next home but before listing your home for sale did you know that you can easily sabotage the sale of your home?

In today’s article we will cover some of the most common ways sellers can sabotage the sale of their homes when their agents list them on the market with other Kansas City Homes for Sale.

#1 – Hiding Problems from Buyers

One of the biggest “no-no’s” that you can make when listing you Kansas City Real Estate for sale is hiding issues from potential home buyers.

Besides just being bad business, this is also an excellent way for you to find yourself in a lawsuit because you failed to disclose problems with your house before a buyer who was viewing Kansas City Homes For Sale decided to purchase your home.

Although you may have a friend, family member or co-worker who lives in a non-disclosure state and failed to disclose issues with their home, you should always disclose the truth about your Kansas City Real Estate if a buyer asks you a direct question.

A good “rule of thumb” to remember when listing your Kansas City Homes for sale is that a buyer is ultimately going to find out anyway what’s really happening with your home so its better be up front and honest with buyers in the beginning or else risk losing the profit from the sale of your home to legal fees.

#2 – Selling Your Kansas City Real Estate Yourself

Yes there may be tons of resources online in this day and age for you to sell your home without the help of a Realtor® but the REALITY is that less than 5% of homeowners actually succeed with FSBO thanks to all of the tasks involved with selling a home.

By hiring a Real Estate Agent you will receive BETTER results since you won’t be spending your hard earned time and money doing all of the work by yourself.

#3 – Failing To Clean and De-clutter Your Home

Last of all, but most important, one of the top mistakes you can easily make when selling your Kansas City Real Estate is failing to clean and de-clutter your home.

You have to understand that when your Realtor® arrives with a buyer to view your home, they will have shown the buyer other Kansas City Homes for Sale and both the agent and your buyer will EXPECT your home to have the same high qualities of other homes for sale in the area.

Before you attempt to clean your home it’s best to consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do this for you because not only will this save you the time, money and hassle of cleaning yourself but it will also insure that every part of your home is clean and ready for buyers to view.

Sell Your Kansas City Real Estate

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