Avoid Making These Mistakes When Selling Your Kansas City Real Estate

Pricing a home to make it stand out among other Kansas City Homes For Sale is one of the most complicated things a Real Estate Agent has to do.

When you price your home it’s part art form, and also science, at the same time because you have to take many factors into account including comparable analysis of other properties in the area which have recently sold.

It gets even more difficult for sellers who decide to sell their Kansas City Real Estate themselves because it’s easy for sellers to choose from one of the following sources for pricing their homes.


Zillow’s Zestimates

Websites like Zillow are fantastic for getting local Real Estate data including seeing a snapshot of what other Kansas City Homes For Sale may be selling for but the reality is that Zillow’s online tool that sellers can use for the purpose of valuing homes and property is many times NOT ACCURATE.

Real Estate websites like Trulia and Zillow rely on public records for Kansas City Real Estate which was sold recently and this also means that the reliance that Real Estate websites have on public data sometimes creates a delay in them updating their data so data sellers often are relying on old data when pricing their homes.

Refinancing Appraisal

Although some sellers will rely on the refinancing appraisal when pricing their Kansas City Homes For Sale the reality is that using this data to price a home is rarely correct or accurate because appraisals are done by different individuals and the valuation of your property could be too high or low depending on issues like the condition of the Real Estate market.

Fact: a lender only makes money by writing a loan so appraising your home high can be wonderful during a period in the Real Estate market when there’s a huge demand for Kansas City Real Estate but, if your home is priced higher than what buyers are willing to pay this will negatively affect the sale of your home and it may sit on the market for a long period of time.

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Real Estate Assessed Value

Another piece of data that a seller will use to price their Kansas City Real Estate is assessed value.

Your homes assessed value is done by the local municipality and its how they build the tax structure but the reality with assessed value is that as with the refinancing appraisal, assessed value is also done by an individual and the assessed value of a home often has absolutely no relation to the market value.

Save Time and Money – Hire A Realtor(R)

The best way to insure your home is priced correctly and will stand out from other Kansas City Homes For Sale is to hire an experienced Realtor® since your agent will price your home based on real facts and figures you can rely on.

Sell Your Kansas City Real Estate 

To get started with pricing your Kansas City Real Estate contact Arrow Realty KC today by clicking here to connect with us online or by calling us at (816) 956-5003.

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