5 Home Staging Tips For Selling Sell Kansas City Home Fast


One of the biggest “secrets” to selling a Kansas City Home is staging the home to sell because staging helps you to show all of the features that your home has to offer and best of all it enables buyers to envision themselves living there.

Before staging your home yourself here are 5 staging tips you should use which will help you to sell your Kansas City Real Estate Fast.

Tip #1 – Keep Your Efforts Simple

When staging your Kansas City Missouri home it’s important to keep your staging efforts simple by using neutral or cream colors inside your home because, bold colors or patterns will only leave your “mark” on the home and make it more difficult for buyers to see the potential that your home has to offer them.

Consider using: greens, lavenders and soft blues for bathrooms because this will give each bathroom a spa-like quality.

If you want to add color to a room it’s best to use accent colors like pillows, rugs or wall art because these won’t be colors that buyers will ultimately have to paint over later on.

Tip #2 – Light up Your Home

Make sure that every room has clean windows that have been washed on the inside and outside plus plenty of lights that can be turned on anytime during the day or night for when buyers arrive.

Light is important because it will help the rooms in your Kansas City Home feel more inviting compared to rooms without good lighting which may feel scary and uninviting to some home buyers.

Tip #3 – Make Comfort a Priority

Insuring that your home is comfortable should also be a top priority because your goal is to get buyers to stay there longer so they will become attached to the idea of living in your home in Kansas City and have the desire to submit an offer.

Comfort can be achieved by making sure that your air conditioner is running during hot summer months and the heat is keeping your home nice and warm during the winter.

Tip #4 – The Rooms in Your Home Must Have a “Lived In” Look

Insuring that the rooms in your home have a “lived in” look should also be a top priority because empty rooms fail to activate the imagination of the buyer and don’t really help with selling a home.

Even if you move out of your home before you sell it make sure you rent or borrow furniture from someone because furniture helps a buyer to see the possible space that your home offers them and how the furniture will “flow” in each room.

Tip #5 – Make the Purpose of Each Room Obvious To Buyers

Let’s say that you live in a craftsman style home from the 1920’s that has lots of built-ins, or you live in a newer Kansas City Home which has a huge basement, make sure that you stage each room so that purpose of those living spaces will seem obvious and not wasted to buyers.

Sell Your Kansas City Home

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